Yes. That’s how we call it, because that’s how we make it!
To put it in simple terms: Neo-Peruvian cuisine is the embellished version of the traditional, rustically made Peruvian recipes, dramatically magnifying all the characteristics of Peru’s Asian and European fusion elements that make it one of the finest cuisines in the world today.

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Our Menu was founded on the many traditional Peruvian recipes but mixed with modern techniques, using Peruvian-native ingredients such as the lively yellow pepper called “Aji amarillo” and utilizing sharp adaptations of traditional fare in all of our dishes, from our Seaviches (-Aka Ceviche – Citrus cured fish and shellfish), to our Causas (Chilled potato pies) to our sushi rolls, appetizers, main-dishes and weekly specials. In addition to this, our owners wanted to recreate their favorite childhood-dishes growing-up in the beaches of Ancon in Lima, Peru but made with first-class meat and seafood from the better purveyors in town and fusion it with Asian and European influence ingredients and cooking methods.

“…We are not only trying to feed people with delicious food, we are also trying to introduce our Peruvian culture to the community, and why not, the whole world that visit South Florida…” – Enrique Bustamante (Owner)

“…It’s all about blending the flavors with traditions, rescuing the original Peruvian fusion techniques from 20-years ago, before fusion was trendy…” – Alejandro Rebaza (Partner)

Our team at Seaviche Lighthouse blend tradition with innovation, creating unique layers of flavors in every dish, and look forward to offering neo-Peruvian cuisine to the palate of the International gastronomy fans in South Florida. Pay us a visit and indulge yourself!

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Call us: (754) 307-2648
Seaviche Lighthouse is conveniently located in the heart of Lighthouse Point, Florida – Only 18 minutes north of Fort Lauderdale and 15 minutes south of Boca Raton.
Located on North Federal Hwy, we are minutes away to movies, retail establishments and parks including the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. Our restaurant features an indoor and outdoor dining area. The dining room offers a view of our bar, semi-open kitchen and ceviche station, where highly trained culinary artists make our creations. The casual design and modern music creates a very comfortable and lively atmosphere. Our bar is part of the dining room, which gives you easy access to enjoy wines, beer or your favorite Peruvian cocktail prior to being seated.

3100 N Federal Hwy
Lighthouse Point, FL 33064

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Call Us:
(754) 307-2648
Our menu consists of a variety of vibrant and exciting fusion-Peruvian dishes such as ceviches, tiraditos, sushi rolls, appetizers, entrees and desserts.
You can have one dish for each person, or order several plates to share and make it a feast! Every single item on our menu has a unique texture, taste, sensation aimed to create a flavorful sharing dining experience! – Buen apetito!